Who’s Greater? Adam or Christ?

Is Adam’s sin greater than Christ’s Righteousness? Did Christ come to do what the Father sent Him to do? Was His work at Calvary successful, or was it a failure?

Does God Have Free Will?

Is God really sovereign? Can and does God do whatever He wills? Including saving all His creation?

Was the Savior a Victim or an Offering?

Exactly what is the relationship of God and Christ in the work at Calvary? Was the angry God appeased? Does Christianity even have a clue as to what happened in the death of Christ?

The Believer: Forgiven or Justified?

Believers often struggle with their true identity and union with Christ because they think they are “forgiven.” They don’t apprehend that they are not partakers of Israel’s “pardon” from sins. Instead, the cornerstone of Paul’s gospel is justification!

James Baskin

Steve Hill

Martin Zender

Clyde Pilkington